Born in 1974. Started as a guitarist in 1990.


ESP SV Standard WH CH
Dunlop Tortex Pics
DR BT-10 (10-52) Strings
Peavey 6505+ Head
6505 412 Straight Cabinet

Started guitar playing at age of 11. At first I played in various line-ups with fellow youngsters. It was about having fun by playing and learning via cover songs but from the very start for me it was clear that writing own music is the thing. After trials and errors in 1996 I joined Pekka´s Ancestor. We did bunch of demos and teached each other or kicked each other forward in song writing and learning process.

My current gear is:

VHT Sig X amp
Krank cabinet
ESP E-II SV with Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickups
Ibanex TS-808
Boss tuner
MXR gate

I also use:
Dunlop tortex 60 pics
DR strings

I started playing guitar when I was 15. On ninth grade my school’s best guitarist came to me when they needed a substitute bassist to a school play and just said, “Start practicing! I’ll show how to play.”. Little bit hesitating but more eager I took the challenge. We played only two songs. First was Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” and the other was some song from Pyhät Nuket, can’t remember what song. Back then I din’t have own bass so always when I needed one I had to borrow one from guys that had. Usually when practising with friends we just played guitars because no one had bass. I practiced lot of different techniques, but primarily heavy and thrash metal music and punk as well. After a while I started to understand something about playing and thought about buying my own bass.

I bought my first bass in 1993 which was Tokai Hard bundcher. After that I had to get bass amps 1995. I saw an ad in the newspaper that said, “Slightly used MesaBoogies for sale.”. I bought MesaBoogie Bass 400 head and cabinet. Actually my parents paid it, big thanks to them for that. The guy who sold them is now and still a good friend of mine and we change our bass related news every month. I still have the Mesas.

I ordered my second bass in the end of 1997 and it was done in march 1998 by J.A.K.-Soittimet by Jussi Alakuha (R.I.P.). It was my first five string bass which I still use. J.A.K. is my ace.

My gear at this moment includes:

J.A.K. 5 string bass and 5 string fretless and one Spector 5 string bass.
Ampeg SVT- 4 PRO amp
Ampeg SVT-810 cabinet (a.k.a. rantasauna)
Mesa Boogie Bass 400 amp
Mesa Boogie Road Ready Diesel 2×15 cabinet

I also use:
DR Strings Lo Rider MH5-130
Dunlop tortex 73 picks
Boss tuner
Audix RAD360 Wireless System
and lot of distortion pedals

My gear at this moment includes:
Pearl Masters Custom MMX Maple shell BD 22” X 18” Toms 10” 12” 16” (natural finish)
Sonor Artist AS 12 1405 SB Snare
Pearl P-3002D Demon Double Pedal / Axis longboard
10" Sihi Kaski splash
14" Sihi Kaaos sound edge hh
16" Sihi Kaski crash
18" Sihi Kaski crash
18" Sihi Kaski china
20" Sihi Kaaos MegaBell ride
Los Cabos Drumsticks (Rock)
On Trigger Gen.3

I started my band career with bass and moved to guitar. When i realized that there will be thousands of better players in the world, i switched to keyboards. And now im proud to say that there is only hundreds better keyboardists around. Maybe i should proceed to play Theremin.

My gear includes:

Korg N364
Asus laptop
Steinberg souncard
Various softsynths

Outside Kalmah also:
Hammond L-100
Elka rotaryspeakers